February 10th, 1985 Ponferrada.

I always enjoyed athletics. I played any sport I could and achieved good results. At the age of 11 I discovered my passion, what motivated me completely: I discovered weightlifting. I liked weightlifting so much that at 15 I decided to leave my village of Camponaraya to start a new life in Madrid.

It was a difficult decision. I separated myself from my family, my friends and my homeland to make a life change. At the age of 15 I started training in the CAR in Madrid. I was happy. I could devote my body and soul to the sport that I was passionate about.

Soon I excelled in my sport, which made me want to work even harder. That work, effort, perseverance and sacrifice have led me to be able to compete in three Olympic Games, the most significant event for any athlete.

I was able to earn a medal in each of these games, to continue advancing and to become World Champion in the Anaheim World Championship in November 2017.

Soon I had competed in four European Championships, something I always dreamed of.

Because of all this I am hopeful, excited and very grateful for all the well wishes I’m receiving. They give me a clear purpose: none other than participating in my fourth Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.